About Art, Abandoned Buildings, and Mystical Energy

I love to explore old buildings, I feel they have a soul. I always wonder...

What stories resonate from these crumbling walls? Who walked on these beautiful broken tiles?

A closet that turns out to be a secret way to the stairs leading to the attic or a heavy steel door that has little window with bars… Mystery and history all over the place.

Combining both my passions, for painting and for ancient buildings seem so natural to me.

I draw portraits and I wanted them to continue the story that hides in the cracks and the fractures, awaken the latent sounds under the layers of peeling paint.

That is my way of reviving these wonderful places.

Presence of contemporary art in abandoned buildings from the past.

Graffiti on abandoned historic buildings walls... Outrageous or inspiring? I chose to be inspired.

Peeled walls with bright strong graffiti paint.

There is no background that is not worthy being integrated into a work of art.

In the middle of the chaos and background noise. The fractures, cracks and holes...

one can still find the silence.

"New ideas need old buildings."

Jane Jacobs

The Old can be a New platform.

Acknowledging and recognizing what we already have

is the best foundation for renewed growth. 💙

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