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From darkness to light - Turning the forgotten into Living art.

Guli and Avi Levy present a joint journey over the years, which collects forgotten memories and echoes from the past, and serves as an inspiration for new works.

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In this journey, worn walls, historical objects, scattered stones, abandoned spaces of past lives, and lost personal memories, filled with the spirit of people of the past and obsolete items, serve as raw materials for new creations.  

The products of this process are presented in an exhibition that unearths forgotten history through paintings using dark-to-light technique; handmade crystal necklaces; and photographs of abandoned buildings and the memories they left behind.

These works give these memories a new life and infuse the beauty and value that exist in the "abandoned".

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"Abandoned Treasures" - Guli and Avi Levy - Joint exhibition

Opening: May 11 to May 20, 2023

Mazal Dagim Street 5

Old Jaffa

Opening Hours:

Sun-Thursday: 16:00-20:00

Friday: 10:00-16:00 | Suturday: 10:00-20:00

Closing: Saturday, May 20, 2023, 20:00


Avi Levy will hold 2 gallery discourses events on the topic of abandoned buildings as part of the weekend of Open House Tel Aviv events

Friday 19.5 at 15:00| Saturday 20.5 at 15:00

About the Artists

Avi Levy

 Engaged as director of urban public spaces design and development at Tel Aviv-Jaffa  municipality.

Avi also engages in artistic and documentary photography, and collected thousands of photos of various abandoned places all over Israel.

 Certified as a tree specialist and urban forester.
Over the years he edited and photographed the book "My Roots in Tel-Aviv Jaffa" documenting the most special trees in the city.
Avi has presented a number of photography exhibitions in various settings, and among other things, lectures on quality smartphone photography.

Avi Levy

Guli Levy.

Multidisciplinary artist, self-taught, painter and jewelry designer. a Community and Culture Coordinator in community center in Tel Aviv.

Through 2 different fields of art, she explores the main issues that occupy her daily life.

As a portrait painter each work brings her together with the eternal theme of self-acceptance. Using a special "reversed" painting technique of color removal. Painting from Darkness to Light.

As a crystal jewelry designer, Guli explores our need as individuals to belong to a community and to be a significant and valuable part of the group. In her crystal necklaces she combines different materials side by side, creating a harmonious circle.

In May 2019, her first solo show was held in Hangar 2 at the Port of Jaffa, and in July 2019, she presented in an exhibition at "The Box" Bat in Naot Afka, TLV.

Today Guli holds creative workshops for groups and individuals and teaches her unique painting technique. She creates energetic crystal jewelry that supports healing processes adapted to personality according to physical, mental and emotional needs.

Guli Levy
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Photographs By Avi Levy

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Art By Guli Levy

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